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Project Reports on Human Resource Management


1.Study To Determine The Impact Of Fringe Benefits On Job Satisfaction 

2.Employee Attitude Towards Monetary And Non-Monetary Incentives

3.Employee’s Attitude Towards The Organization

4.Project Report On Employees Absenteeism

5.A Detail Study Report  On Total Quality Management                                                                                          

6.Determination Of Service Indicators For Service Departments-Hr Project Report                                                      

7.Project Report On Performance Appraisal System

8.Project Report On Talent Management In Hrm

9.Project On Analysis Of The Recruitment Methodology Of Sales Officers In A Bank

10.Project On Channel Development At Max New York Life Company                                                                               

11.Project On Employees Motivation In Company                                                                                                   

12.Project On Performance Appraisal On Fertilizers Company                                                                                     

13.Project On Presentation Of Performance Appraisal                                                                                             

14.Project On Recruitment And Selection At Dabour                                                                                              

15.Project On Recruitment And Selection In I.T Organisation                                                                                    

16.Project On Recruitment Process In Reliance Money                                                                                            

17.Project On Recruitment Process                                                                                                             

18.Project Report On Talent Identification And Management                                                                                        

19.Project Report On A Comparative Study To Determine The Impact Of Fringe Benefits On Job Satisfaction And Engagement-By South African Student

20.Project Report On Compensation Management                                                                                                    

21.Project Report On Competency Mapping                                                                                              

22.Project Report On Creating Competitive Advantage Through Talent Management In Company                             

23.Project Report On Determination Of Leadership Potential                                                                                     

24.Project Report On Distribution Network-Hr Job Satisfaction Report                                                                            

25.Project Report On Dynamic Of Agency Recruitment                                                                                             

26.Project Report On Employee Engagement                                                                                                        

27.Project Report On Employee Welfare                                                                                                          

28.Project Report On Employees Engagement At Airtel                                                                                            

29.Project Report On Employees Motivation In PSUS

30.Project Report On Employees Satisfaction And Quality Of Work Life                                                                           

31.Project Report On Employees Satisfaction On Payroll System                                                                                   

32.Project Report On Hr Information System                                                                                                     

33.Project Report On Hr Management Software Uses In Hr Companies                                                                            

34.Project Report On Hr Planning In Retention Of Employees                                                                                     

35.Project Report On Hr Policy Of Performance Management                                                                                       

36.Project Report On Hr Practices And Process Of Performance Appraisal                                                                     

37.Project Report On Human Resource Management - Need Of The Time                                                                        

38.Project Report On Human Resource Planning And Selection                                                                                      

39.Project Report On Human Resource Policies                                                                                                   

40.Project Report On Human Resource Development                                                                                                

41.Project Report On Implementation Of Motivational Policies                                                                                   

42.Project Report On Indo Thermal Power Plant-Project Appraisal                                                                                 

43.Project Report On Job Satisfaction At The Fertilizers And Chemical Plant                                                                 

44.Project Report On Job Satisfaction Of Employees-B.H.E.L. Report                                                                              

45.Project Report On Job Satisfaction With Micro Technologies India Limited                                                                

46.Project Report On Leadership Development Practices                                                                                          

47.Project Report On Leadership Styles                                                                                                          

48.Project Report On Manpower Planning                                                                                                         

49.Project Report On Multi-Utility Job Description-Wipro Bangalore                                                                               

50.Project Report On Organisational Study Of Eureka Forbest Ltd.                                                                               

51.Project Report On Organisational Study Of The Meher Capacitors Pvt Ltd                                                                 

52.Project Report On Organisational Study Of Voltas Limited-Tata                                                                               

53.Project Report On Payroll System-Adecco Hr Solution -Switzerland                                                                            

54.Project Report On Performance Appraisal And Performance Management System And Its Effectiveness           

55.Project Report On Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Analysis                                                                              

56.Project Report On Performance Appraisal In I.T Company                                                                                       

57.Project Report On Performance Appraisal                                                                                                     

58.Project Report On Performance Appraisal                                                                                                      

59.Project Report On Performance Management System                                                                                             

60.Project Report On Quality Of Work Life                                                                                                       

61.Project Report On Recruitment Agency                                                                                                        

62.Project Report On Recruitment Of Financial Consultant                                                                                       

63.Project Report On Recruitment Policies                                                                                                      

64.Project Report On Recruitment Process In B.H.E.L.

65.Project Report On Reduction Of Attrition Rate-CMC Ltd Delhi                                                                                 

66.Project Report On Role Efficacy And Role Clarity Of Employees                                                                                

67.Project Report On Sales Promotion Through Recruitment                                                                                       

68.Project Report On Stress Management At B.P.O Sector                                                                                           

69.Project Report On Study Of Performance Management                                                                                           

70.Project Report On Talent Management In Engineering Based Organizations                                                              

71.Project Report On Total Quality Management At Service Sector                                                                                 

72.Project Report On Total Quality Management                                                                                                  

73.Project Report On Training And Development At BSNL

74.Project Report On Training And Development At Punjab National Bank                                                                      

75.Project Report On Training And Development In Banking Sector                                                                                

76.Project Report On Training And Development In Industry                                                                                      

77.Project Report On Training And Development Process In CFCL

78.Project Report On Understanding The Opinion Of Labour Welfare & Social Security                                                

79.Project Report On Women Welfare Measures In HRM

80.Project Report On Work Place Environment And Its Impact On Employees Work Satisfaction                               

81.Recruitment & Selection In India Infoline                                                                                                   

82.Recruitment And Selection At Aviva Life Insurance                                                                                            

83.The Best Presentation Of Employee Career Planning                                                                                           

84.The Best Presentation Of Job Analysis In Detail                                                                                              

85.The Best Presentation On Job Analysis        

86.Project Report On Six Sigma-A Smart View Towards Six Sigma         

87.Project Report On Six Sigma

88.Project Report On Six Sigma And Its Application In Banking Sector

89.A Detail Presentation On Six Sigma

90.A Detail Study Presentation On Stress Management                                            

91.Project Report On Business Process Outsourcing                                              

92.Project Report On Employment Engagement Activities At Essar Jamnagar                         

93.Project Report On Hr Planning In Dainik Bhaskar Group                                       

94.Project Report On Hr Practices At Ril Vadodra                                               

95.Project Report On Indian Soap Industry Study-Swot Analysis                                   

96.Project Report On Induction Training At Divya Bhaskar Group Ahmedabad                       

98.Project Report On Organisational Study In Reliance Retail Ltd                               

99.Project Report On Performance Appraisal On Reliance Communication Ltd.                      

100.Project Report On Presentation Of Leadership And Change Management Of Reliance Industries Ltd

101.Project Report On Stress Management In Insurance Sector                                     

102.Project Report On Stress Management On Bank Employees                                       

103.Project Report On Stress Management Study At Hdfc Bank                                      

104.Project Report On Stress Management Study At Hpl India Ltd                                   

105.Project Report On Stress Management Towards Reliance Life Insurance Employees       

106.Project Report On Employee Motivation Regarding Incentive Schemes At Ongc


107.Project Report On Organisation Study Of Kamco Ltd.Athani.               

108.Project Report On Tisco-Organisational Study-Hr                         

109.Project Report On Training Effectiveness -Study At Ongc                 

  110.Project Report Study Of Iifl Employees Job Satisfaction            




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Project Prices :  

PDF file : Non-Editable Rs.149/project

Ms-word File : Full accessible Rs.199-399/project actual price depends on project.


(Our Prices are Minimum-Rs.149/- & Maximum Rs.399/- for any project)